The Daily Mail (London, England); 2/18/2004

AS A snapshot of modern etiquette, consider the birth announcement from millionaire musician Alex James.

Goldsmith University-educated Alex and his wife Claire Neat's son - called Geronimo, presumably after the Apache chieftain - was born at the St John and St Elizabeth Hospital, North London, on Monday.

The bass guitarist of Brit popsters Blur has so far opted out of placing a traditional announcement in a newspaper or sending out a pretty card featuring storks. Instead, Alex, 35, simply sent a text to countless friends, who include Norman (Fatboy Slim) Cook, comely singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor and broadcaster Janet Street-Porter. It read: 'Geronimo! 8lbs 2oz at 06.20 this morning. Mother and baby doing just fine. It's a little piece of forever.'

Alex was married nine months ago to video producer Claire, and a white witch performed a fertility ceremony after the wedding. It obviously worked. Pip, pip!