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"It is not possible to be sincere and seem sincere." - Andre Gilde, The Immoralist

This is a collection of interviews either done with Alex, or interviews with Alex and other members of his band. It is far from being complete. If you have an interview to donate, please let me know, k? k.

+ My favourite books
from The Guardian

+ An Alex excerpt from 3862 Days

+ Blur at Destination: Pop
An interview from 1993.

+ Alex: "A fucking right tight-arsed bastard"
From Q 1996, courtesy of

+ Radio 1 interview
A collection of short articles found at BBC Radio 1.

+ Home Entertainment
An interview with Alex James by Will Hodgkinson, for The Guardian

+ Window dressing
Alex as human mannequin from Q Mag.

+ Modern Life Isn't Rubbish
The Independent, June 5, 2000

+ Interview: Alex James
Behind his shallow facade as an Austin Powers-style pop playboy and living dandy, Blur's floppy-fringed bass player Alex James has some blunt opinions about student loans and Blairite attacks on further education.

+ Stargeezers
The Idler Issue 28 Summer 2001. When we asked science-loving, Mars-exploring Alex James whether he'd like to interview Patrick Moore for the Idler, he responded with, "Oh yeah! Jim'll fix it!" With pictures.

+ Interview from ABCOnLine
Interview by Linda Laban for Wall of Sound

+ Easiest Job in the World
Interview from Bass Player magazine, November 1997

+ Smart Alex
From UK Elle, December 1997. He's had a hit single with solo band, Me Me Me, has written songs for Marianne Faithfull and is working on ideas for a musical. So, is Alex James the next Andrew Lloyd Webber? Jenny Tucker discovers that Blur's bass player isn't just a pretty face.

+ Too Drunk to Fake
A fairly nasty article from NME. "What's it all about, eh? Fame, fortune, rivalry, media manipulation, authenticity and cynicism, how will it finish, how did it begin? In the last of our individual Blur interviews their louche bass player Alex James buys Barbara Ellen a drink (surprise, surprise)."

+ Alex James from Blur's Sabbatical
Glastonbury was our only gig and it was horrible. Michael Eavis can suck my dick. From Q Magazine, Feb. 1999, by Paul Elliot.

+ Lucky 13
An Alex excerpt from Miranda Sawyer's article in The Observer while the band was promoting 13.

+ Filming Soho in a Blur
From The Evening Standard. June 25, 2001. A story by Kate Spicer about Alex filming Soho for LWT.

+ My London: Alex James
From The Evening Standard. July 12, 2002. Blur bass player Alex James is a true London aficionado. He's lived in Covent Garden for years, loves Trafalgar Square and thinks Hyde Park has 'the greatest concentration of nutters in Europe'. Chioma Nnadi poses the questions...

+ This Dysfunctional Family
From The Guardian, April 25, 2003. With Britpop long dead and their genius guitarist gone, can Blur still cut it? On the eve of the release of a much anticipated new album, Albarn, James and Rowntree talk to Paul Lester.

+ Art Pop's Life of Leisure
An interview with Alex about the evolution of the band and the recording of Think Tank from Exclaim. May 2, 2003.

+ Hush-hush wedding was a Blur to us
Not an interview, but an article from This is Gloucestershire about Alex's wedding. May 6, 2003

+ Blur less large
Britpop crew sober up with Think Thank. An Alex interview by Matt Galloway. June 17, 2003.

+ The New Blur?
A July 2003 article, source unknown.

+ Blur produces 'sonic hopefulness'
Thursday, August 7, 2003. The members of Blur are becoming masters of reinvention. With pictures.

+ Baby Joy for Blur's Alex
From The Mirror. Oct. 4, 2003. It's worth noting that Alex is actually 34 at the time of this article and him dating Helena Christensen has never been verified.

+ A Blur Track on Mars
From The Evening Standard. Dec. 24, 2003. An intereview with Alex about his life and Beagle 2.

+ Beagle 2
From and, Dec. 25, 2003. Two stories about the Beagle 2 mission containing quotes from Alex.

+ Kingham: Britain's Favourite Village
From The London Times, Nov. 11, 2004. It refers to Alex as Alex Neate James. "What's great about Kingham is that it is a real community and I am very happy here."

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