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"Monday I drank for joy. Tuesday I drank, and the thunder of the Lord's judgment roasted my naked soul all Wednesday and a lot of Thursday as well." - Alex James

Alex James has written columns and articles for Q, NME, The Guardian and a handful of other publications. Below are samples of his work. The articles are copyright of the respective publications and used here without permission. If the reproduction of one of them here causes a problem, mail me and I'll take it down.

Q columns

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A Year is a Long Time in Rock - A year is a long time in rock; it's practically an epoch. Rock music travels into the past as superluminal velocities. A rock year is probably further than a light year. From issue 210, Jan. 2004

The Guardian

Music of the Spheres - Alex James on the importance of rock on Mars. April 13, 2004.

Why the Brits don't rock - 'It used to be carnage. But these days at the Brit awards, you can't drink, you can't misbehave - and people only go if they know they've won. Why does the industry even bother, asks Blur's Alex James. February 2004.

The Observer

Those missing in action - Who's not on this list? Five of the albums in my own top 10 for starters. - July 20, 2004

Cinema was sooo boring until Michael Moore came along - A Fahrenheit 9/11 movie review of sorts. July 11, 2004

Joe Strummer: Streetcore - Alex reviews the album. Oct. 19, 2003

My favourite part of Britain - Alex's one-paragraph answer to a survey of popular Brits on their favourite places in Britain. June 15, 2003

It Was All a Blur - 'I spent a million pounds on champagne in three years.' Alex James of Blur reveals the secret of being a really good drunk - and why, in the end, the drug didn't work. January 2003.

The Perfect . . . Festival - Sunday July 2, 2000

The Idler

Come Fly With Me - When the Idler discovered Alex James was learning to fly, we couldn't resist the opportunity to wheel across Albion's skies with him in a wonderfully dinky little plane. Alex writes on the joy of those marvellous flying machines. Feb/Mar 1998. With pictures.

Brighton Rock - Looking good, Houston.

Am I Alex from Blur? - "11am. Woke up, looked in mirror and saw that I was Alex from Blur."

Dear Diary, or I Am Unwell - By Alex James, age 26.

How Fat Les Built Jerusalem - Alex James on Blake's Great Poem and Thoughts of God.

Take It To The Bridge - Alex James on the many pleasure of the king of card games

The Chips Are Up - Alex James on how to cook the perfect chip

West Coast Fags - Alex James tries to spark up in the land of the free

Darklife! - Using the name AJ Sexmeal, Alex reviews Permanent from Joy Division alongside art by Graham Coxon. From NME, 17 June 1995, scanned by Poopins.

The Independent

It's pretty, it's friendly, but best of all, it's real - Alex on the village where he lives. Nov. 11, 2004

Happy Landings - Alex on selling his airplane.

Rock the Kasbah - Alex taking a trip to Morocco with his wife. Oct. 23, 2004

The Great Escape: I need to spend time with my shed and spanners - Breakfast aside, London's West End has got to be about the worst place in the entire world to eat cheaply. Aug. 2, 2004

The Great Escape: My village fete was better than Glastonbury - Professor Dumbledore looked as though he might burst into tears. July 17, 2004

The Great Escape: We'd glimpsed paradise - nothing could stop us - As a child, I always dreamt that when I grew up I would live in the country. July 12, 2004

Park Life - After the birth of his new baby, Blur bass player Alex James and family needed to recuperate. In rural Ireland they found a world-class retreat. May 8, 2004

Possibly the best place in the world to smoke a banger - The Independent, 12 April 2004

Gorky Parklife - Borscht, Beetlebum and hookers in the hotel. Blur's bassist, Alex James, tells the inside story of the band's adventures, on and off stage, during their first trip to Moscow. October 3, 2003

Many of these were lovingly typed up by the wonderful Cristina, as well as the wonderful Poopins. If you're going to steal them and use them on your own fan site, obviously I can't stop you as I do not own the copyright. However, if you gack them and make a mockery of their tremendous generosity, time and energy, let me say right here that you suck.

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